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Email Marketing Strategy

What is Email Marketing, Why do I need it for my business and Why should I choose Jordan Digitals?

Email marketing is the intelligent and strategic use of email to promote products, discounts, and other services, while developing relationships with prospects and customers. Efficient email marketing  turn potential customers into clients, and turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.

Email marketing can be used to inform your clients of your new products or remind your audience about your brand's importance and value or keep them active between transactions. Basically, it can be used for anything you want.  In this day and age, email marketing still plays a crucial role in your marketing and reach. It happens to be one of the easiest, most reliable and most affordable ways to to market to people. Email marketing alone generates about a 4000 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the United States.

Email marketing is one of the most common and successful tools around for marketing campaigns when you want to grow your brand or sell your products. Email marketing also play a vital role in marketing strategy like with lead generation or brand recognition etc. This is why you need a professional  company with massive experience and latest resources and technology to help you manage and reach your customers. Jordan Digitals would do all these and even setup your email (g-suite), warm up your email, write quality and converting emails and also manage and track all the progress. If you want residual income for your business, start here!

Some of our Amazing Features

Below are few of the awesome features we offer that makes our email marketing unique and right for you. 

Custom Design

we create a professional-looking email either by choosing from the loads of templates in the library of email templates, or by designing a new one from scratch that perfectly suits your brand.

Quality content writing

Our skilled and talented writers would come up with the best content possible to launch your new promote, boost sales, educate consumers about a product and other things to convert your prospects into customers.

Marketing Automation

We set up marketing automation and create workflows for automatic follow-up emails to upsell, offer deals and discount and also to ask for feedback.

Promote your business and grow your brand with
crafted emails

Project Brief, Marketing planning

After you schedule your demo with us, we’ll get in touch with you at your desired time. Then, our experienced email marketing team works with you to understand your business and take time examining your business and audience, as well as evaluating and analyzing various networks and forms of content that best suit you. We will also provide a comprehensive plan and approach for you, which we would implement to achieve your goals and objectives.

Email setup and warm up

If you haven’t already setup your email already, Our team would setup your G suite email for your business, configure it, set up the mx record and other requirements necessary to send emails. Let’s say you were able to do all that by yourself, the probability is very high that whatever email you send would end up in spam or promotion if your lucky. That’s why our experienced and Equipped marketing experts would warm up your emails in weeks to make sure that most if not all of your email arrive in the prospect inbox

Content Creation, Design & Personalization

In no time, we create professional-looking emails either by choosing from the loads of templates in the library of email templates, or by designing a new one from scratch that perfectly suits your brand. More importantly, our skilled and talented writers would come up with the best content possible to convey whatever message you want to pass along or promote. Also with our flexible options, we can dynamically insert text like the name of your contact using our advanced email personalization options to bring your email content more to life. And with infinite and diverse lists and contacts, your reach, personalization and customization is almost limitless! Whatever you choose, we can group contacts and take your plans further by selecting even smaller segments for a more tailored approach based on the parameters you want (e.g. gender, geography, purchasing records, etc.).

Intelligent Delivery, Testing and Automaton

After we’ve composed the best content you need for your email marketing campaign, our team then uses a special technique to know what works best for your business. With A/B testing, we find the best message and make sure your email is sent at the right time with the click of a button driven by our 3rd party partner using AI & machine learning powered optimization! A/B testing (also referred to as split testing) is a method of concurrently testing two variants of identical email marketing campaign for different visitor segments and evaluating which variant drives more conversions.  We also program and set up marketing automation and create workflows for automatic follow-up emails where necessary. Automation is setting up emails that meet the people at the right time you want, with the right information, without doing the task every single time.  Along with the unique AI, our marketing specialist then chooses the best time to send bulk emails to ensure the best deliverability of emails and to meet the customers at precisely the right time.

Maintenance & Reputation Management

There is a famous saying that says: “Rome is not built in a day”. Successful email marketing, is an investment that requires patience, attention, experimenting, and dedication to see any notable and sustainable results. This is always one of the most important step if not the most important one. It is more demanding than ever to build an audience online. It’s difficult for business owners to find the time to handle their email list effectively themselves because of the complexity, logistics and competition that surround any business these day. That’s why a lot of companies are outsourcing their email marketing project to a company that knows how it works well. With advanced analytics, A/B testing and unmatched skill and experience, you’re always going to be in good hand with Jordan Digitals. We would make sure that your reputation stays intact and your emails continue have a high open rate and always hit inboxes of customers and prospects.

Why Us?

See why our services at Jordan Digitals are second to none!

Strategic Recommendations

We always provide key recommendations & ideas to you at the best possible time you may need them.

We have a Proven System

Because We’ve been in the game for long, we know what works. That’s why we’re very confident we can achieve what we promise.

We make life eaiser for you and your business

We handle the difficult job for you which allows you to focus on your business more.

We'll like you to hear us out and we also want to know about your needs and desires. No Hard-Sell, No Long Contracts, No Strings Attached. Book A Demo Here.

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Here are some things to expect.

Important FAQs

How soon should I expect to see results and increase in traffic, sales, conversions etc?
When it comes to email marketing and digital marketing in general, everyone seems to be in a rush to see results. But that’s not how it works. it does takes time to get results and one of the main reasons is because of the A/B testing. It would take a couple of weeks to know what really works best and what the best technique is to growing your business. Most of our clients typically start seeing increase in traffic, conversion and sales, within the first 3 to 5 weeks of the campaign. And from there on, the traffic and sales would definitely continue to increase every month. To get the best result possible, and to see the most significant effect and growth in conversions, we recommend our clients use our service for at least 3-6 months.  This is because quality email marketing, is an investment that requires patience, attention, experimenting, and dedication to see any notable and sustainable results.
Why is email marketing a good option for my business?

Below are some of the advantages of email marketing: It’s very affordable and has a very high Return on Investment (ROI); almost everyone  uses email; it increase brand awareness; it allows for targeted messaging; people engage with emails; it allows you to stay in contact with your audience; reach customers in real-time; it can be personal and customisable and much more reason.

How would a suitable budget be determined for my business?
When considering your digital marketing plan, the budget is very important because if you under spend, it would limit your resources and reach drastically, which then cause you and your business to be easily blown away by your competitors. However, we would never make you overspend either because we manage our customers resources and investment carefully and also because we are very cautious and diligent in managing funds. Our special experience and access to top notch machine-learning AI marketing tools allows us to determine the best campaign budget that suit each clients based on your specifications, niche and goals. We work very hard to make sure our client don’t lose money but rather gain thousands of dollars back in return. Jordan Digitals works with small business and start ups with minimal budget and also with Big businesses and Enterprises with larger budget who want a farther reach with a bigger budget.
Why should I hire an email Marketing Company to help me with Marketing?

If you have plenty of free time on your hand, the necessary skills, tools, and experience, you can maybe handle your email marketing issues yourself without help from a professional email  marketing company. That is most likely not the situation. However, like most business managers, visionaries or entrepreneurs, you’re probably extremely busy and preoccupied with running your company and taking care of things that haven’t been handled. That’s why you should outsource your email marketing responsibilities to a reliable and reputable company like Jordan Digitals. Then, you can take that off your plate and focus more on the important things regarding building and managing your business/company.

Why should I choose Jordan Digitals Email Marketing service?

We never accept a job that we know we can’t deliver the results we promise or you want. So if you show interest in our email marketing services or any other services here at Jordan Digitals, and we agree to take responsibility for the job, be rest assured that we would definitely put in our best to achieve the best results possible. However, you need to give us time because email marketing requires time (usually weeks, even months to start seeing results) but our job is to get you quality traffic, sales and conversions as fast as possible. if anyone told you otherwise, they would be simply lying to you. Anyone promising a quick result or unrealistic timeframe might most likely be a scammer. We perform research and develop different strategies for you, we also do a competitors analysis and lots of other things too to make sure you get quality result. On top of all these, if you aren’t happy with the result, we would give you your money back!

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