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The contemporary business space has in so little time transcend from what is previously known and practiced, to something novel and intrinsically challenging. While many still struggle to gain ground in this new playfield, a number of business owners and organizations still grapple with setbacks, not knowing the tools to use to get the desired productivity in their products and services, leading to decline in sales and business bankruptcy. 

In identifying these challenges, Jordan digitals brings to fore tactical solutions to solve your business challenges. We are a team of experienced, professional, skilled and accomplished marketing experts based in New York US and around the world. With a passion for how technology has given new waves, looks and voices to individual businesses and corporate companies, we are positioned at the center stage to maximize these tools to enrich your business experiences. Therefore, enabling you to enjoy seamless customer interactions, increased sales and traffic, improved social media marketing at a very reasonable and affordable cost. Our curiosity and attention to detail as a team, has fueled the continuous individual learning process of each member of Jordan digitals, as this will help us improve what we do and how we do it for better profiting for our clients.

After years of working as freelancers and individual contractors in various digital marketing fields, Jordan digitals was officially formed by two brothers in New York in the summer of 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic. These two brothers Joshua (Jor) and Daniel (Dan) Adesina are digital marketing experts who are passionate and dedicated to helping businesses thrive, be it sole-proprietors, small businesses, large businesses and enterprises, celebrities etc. They’ve also collaborated with many more professionals and experts who share the same goal, passion and ambition with them to always achieve the best possible result possible for our clients. Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Jordan digitals has really been of help to small businesses, helping them survive and stay in business even when the stores were shut down. From helping clients build a new website or fixing and optimizing existing websites, to helping improve SEO and driving traffic to websites to advanced social media marketing to amazing lead generations etc. Jordan digitals offer the most crucial and best services to help your business outperform your competitors and move to the next level. 

Our Approach

Realistically, we can all agree that it requires a lot of planning, patience, maintenance, attention, and restructuring to keep a business growing. The sole responsibility of always returning to the drawing board to come up with new incentives and approaches makes all the difference to keep your business on steady growth. Our years of interactions with clients (SMEs and corporate) afford us a better edge to give you the best solutions.

Also, we are continuously led by your goals until we hit the nail on the head and bring the jackpot home. With Jordan Digitals team of specialists, you can never go wrong in your business journey, because we pay serious attention to detail, and also think out of the box to exceed our clients’ expectations. Through grim research, we employ strategic business intelligence, and carefully weave innovation and creativity with the aid of technology into mouth-watering contents and undeniable results tailored to meet the needs of all our clients.

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Our Services

As a digital marketing hub with over seven years of experience in the industry, we are strongly driven to serving small businesses, individuals and corporate businesses. We focus to help you grow faster in the digital space and build a comfortable communication channel between you and your customers. With strategic applications of unique and specific digital tools, we create an online presence to suit your desired niche. 

To place you among the top choices in customer selection and grow your audience we adopt impeccable SEO techniques to optimize your business model. Using our copywriting and sales in text strategy we get your products and services the right amount of attention you need to close sales, thereby increasing productivity by about 30%. 

We value relationships, and yes, with our top-notch social media and email marketing services, we connect you seamlessly with your dream and target audience/customers, that would patronize you and your business. Artificial intelligence should be synonymous with your business if you want to thrive in this current digital world, that’s why we offer you AI automated accessibility services that keep you safe from any lawsuits. And of course, we give you the best, next-generation and modern website, SEO, and mobile app services you can dream of, that gives you authority in your niche and a great edge over your competitors. Get Started Today. Time is of the essence, be good to future you!

JORDAN DIGITALS - The next-generation digital marketing agency.

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      We'll like you to hear us out and we also want to know about your needs and desires. No Hard-Sell, No Long Contracts, No Strings Attached. Book A Demo Here.