Leverage the power of social media to build your brand, increase your web traffic and improve your sales.

What is Social Media Marketing, and why should I choose Jordan Digitals?

Social media marketing or Brand management is simply the process of leveraging the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. in order to organically find, connect and acquire your ideal audience to build your brand, drive quality traffic to your website and increase your sales. 

Billions of people like you and I, spend quite a handful of our time every day on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and many other networks. It's no surprise that, with such a far-reaching spectrum, these social media giants have been such a powerful platform for small businesses and regular people like you and I to expose our brand to the public. Social media marketing if done right can get you thousands if not millions of followers and customers across the globe who are interested in patronizing your products or services any day any time. 

If you're not already promoting your brand to your desired audience on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter etc, you're seriously behind in time, and missing out on so much. It's like leaving money on the table! However, do not worry, it's not too late for you because Jordan Digitals is here to help you out and take your brand to the next level with our premium brand management service.

Quality Brand Management in 3 simple steps.


  All our social media campaigns start by identifying the right audience for your brand and targeting them. It's extremely important and crucial to reach the correct audience. We have valuable experience in this field and also access to best social media marketing AI for things like this.


Major factors to quality engagement are to create high-quality content and connect with your audience through comments, likes, shares, views etc. We have a team of professional and experienced set of people dedicated to helping you get the best out of your brand and help you hit the ground running.


Brand management is a full-time job, particularly if you want to retain and expand your reach. That's why we always assign a dedicated social media marketing team with the best tools, ready to help maintain your brand's presence and reputation and also help you expand your territory and find new fans.

Our Areas of Expertise

With over 2 billion active users, Facebook is one of the leading platforms when it comes to numbers. Facebook's dominance extends to over a quarter of the world population, so you are guaranteed to reach your desired audience.
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Instagram is still one of the fastest growing platforms and has now become the number one goto platform for all kinds of brand. "A picture is worth more than a thousand words." We are experts in targeting people on Instagram that suits your business because of our enormous experience and access to the best digital marketing tools.
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Twitter is a unique platform that has over 400 million daily users, and is used by all ages from teenagers to the elderly. Twitter is a trusted platform that can be used to build relationships among users and increase your brand awareness and boost sales and revenue.
linkedin, social, network
Linkedin is a professional platform that allows you to showcase your brand or get discovered by business minded people. And with the majority of LinkedIn’s audience college graduates and users over 23 years old, you can reach over 450 million decision-makers, professionals, and business owners effortlessly with our tested technique and method.
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YouTube boasts of having over 2 billion active users. it's very easy to draw traffic to your website or promote your brand to users by showing them how it works in a video. According to motionsource.com, a single minute of video is worth about 1.8 million words. You're more likely to grab someone's attention with a video explaining your service than an ordinary image also. With our experience and expertise, Jordan Digitals can make a custom video for your brand and also grow it on YouTube organically.
Pinterest is a visual search engine for discovering ideas such as recipes, home decor, and fashion inspiration, among many other things. Pinterest is a one-of-a-kind website that allows you to quickly interact with people who share your interests and may be interested in your brand. Pinterest has millions of users and billions of Pins, so you'll still be able to reach the right audience.
Snapchat is still one of the most widely used social media platforms today.  Snapchat provides mostly children and teenagers with what they really want, which is an easy way to express daily moments while still making them look cool. And with tons of filters and features, our SMM team can make you brand really cool and fun while reaching and connecting with young folks easily.
TikTok is currently the world fastest growing platform rivaling the likes of Facebook and Youtube. The competition is very low, but the chance of going viral quite high if done right. TikTok can be a unique way to engage with especially young users. Our teams understand the algorithm and can easily jump on trends or create awesome contents that is guaranteed to make you grow.
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Other networks you might need
Should you need any other social media account managed for you on a different platform(s) to the ones already mentioned above, our team are ready to adapt & learn very fast because we like jumping on a new challenge. Make sure you discuss with us first on the demo call.


What people say?

Toby Scott Social Media Influencer

Great Digital marketing agency who really knows how social media works especially instagram in my case. They are very skilled at getting real and authentic followers, using researched hashtags, quality contents and optimization. I have been using their services for the last 5 months and they always do a great job every month! I will definitely continue working with them and recommend them to anyone.

Joe Maddison Entrepreneur

They provided a service that completely exceeded my expectations. I am a perfectionist but I didn't need any changes because the contents provided were just awesome and flawless. They are responsive to all messages, quick with their work, and their attention to detail is extraordinary and commendable.

    Why Us?

    See why our services at Jordan Digitals are second to none!

    We have a Proven System

    Because We’ve been in the game for long, we know what works. That’s why we’re very confident we can achieve what we promise.

    Our services are more Affordable

    Compared to our competitors that offer the same quality of work, our low prices give you a better ROI.

    We're Very Fast & Reliable

    We’re 10 times more reliable than freelancers and other cheap services out there. Our delivery and support system are also very fast.

    We'll like you to hear us out and we also want to know about your needs and desires. No Hard-Sell, No Long Contracts, No Strings Attached. Book A Demo Here.

    Schedule your consultation with us today. We assure you that you won’t regret it. Fill the details one the right and we speak with you at your appointed time and date. *Call usually takes between 15 to 30 mins.

    Here are some things to expect.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We’ll get it right or give you your money back.

    *Please include your website, social media info and all other important details in the note to better prepare us for your demo.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We’ll get it right or give you your money back.

    Important FAQs

    How soon should I expect to see results and increase in followers, traffic etc?
    Most of our clients typically start seeing increase in traffic, followers, engagements, and sales, within the first 3 to 6 weeks of the social media marketing campaign. And from there on, the traffic and sales would definitely continue to increase every month. To get the best result possible and to see the most significant effect and growth in conversions, we recommend our clients use our service for at least 4-8 months,   This is because quality social media marketing, is an investment that requires patience, attention, experimenting, and dedication to see any notable and sustainable results.
    How will you create content that represent and fit my business?

    During our demo call with you, we learn more about your business and content preferences.  It will define the content approach that we will use for your company in the social media plan we build for you. We will start designing your social media posts in a content calendar. Before it is uploaded on your social media accounts, you will have the ability to check all the material in advance. Everything is customizable and can easily match your Brand & website design. We would set it up according to your preferred color pallets, template, font type etc. to match your brand design. 

    How would a suitable budget be determined for my business?

    A comprehensive and personalized digital marketing strategy will give your company the boost it needs to gain online authority and become your niche leading brand. When considering your digital marketing plan, the budget is very important, because if you under spend, then you would be easily blown away by your competitors. However, we would not make you over spend either because we manage our customers resources carefully. Our unmatched experience and access to top notch AI marketing tools allows us to determine the best campaign budget that suits each client based on their specification, niche and goals. We work very hard to make sure our clients don’t lose money but rather gain thousands of dollars back in return. Jordan Digitals works with small business and start ups with minimal budget and also with Big businesses and Enterprises who want a farther reach with a bigger budget.

    Why Should I Hire a Social Media Marketing Company to help me with Marketing?

    If you have plenty of free time on your hands and not a whole lot of business-people do, you can maybe handle your social media marketing issues yourself, without help from a professional social media marketing company. That is most likely not the situation. However, like most business managers, visionaries or entrepreneurs, you’re probably extremely busy and preoccupied with running your company and taking care of things that haven’t been handled. That’s why you should outsource your social media marketing responsibilities to a reliable and reputable company like Jordan Digitals. Then, you can take that off your plate and focus more on the important things regarding building and managing your business/company.

    Why should I choose Jordan Digitals Social Media Marketing service?

    First thing you need to know is that we would never accept a job that we know we can’t deliver the results we promise or you want. So if you show interest in our social media marketing services or any other services here at Jordan Digitals, and we agree to take responsibility for the job, be rest assured that we would definitely put in our best to achieve the best results possible. However, you need to give us time because social media marketing requires time (usually weeks, even months to start seeing results) but our job is to get you quality traffic, sales and conversions as fast as possible. if anyone told you otherwise, they would be simply lying to you. Anyone promising a quick result or unrealistic timeframe might most likely be a scammer. We perform research and develop different strategies for you, we also do a competitors analysis and lots of other things too to make sure you get quality result. On top of all these, if you aren’t happy with the result, we would give you your money back!

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        We'll like you to hear us out and we also want to know about your needs and desires. No Hard-Sell, No Long Contracts, No Strings Attached. Book A Demo Here.

        Schedule your consultation with us today. We assure you that you won’t regret it. Fill the details one the right and we speak with you at your appointed time and date. *Call usually takes between 15 to 30 mins.

        Here are some things to expect

        100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If it's not right, we'll make it right.

        We'll like you to hear us out and we also want to know about your needs and desires. No Hard-Sell, No Long Contracts, No Strings Attached. Book A Demo Here.