How we took Melissa & Co Business Consulting to a whole new level in 4 months

The Background

Melissa & Co Business Consulting (MELCO) is a New York-based accounting firm that specializes in a variety of Business Services like Taxes, Financial, Immigration, & Other Legal and Business Consulting Matters. However, due to the surge of the Covid-19 outbreak in the year 2020, the firm experienced a major change in its leadership position.

Melissa Harnanan took up the mantle after her father and was determined to take the company to new heights, starting with a series of crucial appointments and recruitments in order to make sure that MELCO would be able to meet up and deliver the standards the clients and prospects so much desire.

Owing to the times we’re in (lockdown and social distancing enforcements), MELCO realized the need to build a proper Digital Marketing Strategy to reach people easier and faster. The fact is that the landscape of Digital Marketing has been revolutionized, hence the need for any firm, business, or organization to engage in a profitable online campaign to survive in today’s ever-changing world cannot be over-emphasized.

However, MELCO’s attempts to integrate digital marketing were hampered by its lack of a standard web presence. Aside from the lack of a website, in order to put a firm as MELCO’S in the limelight where it truly can thrive, there was a need to engage in an advanced online marketing campaign that would help target and bring in dream customers. 

This was exactly where Jordan Digitals stepped in. With our expertise and experience, we were able to develop a cutting-edge strategy that would best put Melissa and Co Business Consulting in the mainstream of its niche, and potentially bring in lots of customers for the business.

Collation of our social media post designs for MELCO's Instagram page @melcoconsulting.

The Process

Upon taking over MELCO’S business, our first discovery was that the firm had no website which is the very foundation of any business’s success online. So we started by crafting a simple yet modern and unique website for MELCO according to the owner’s specification with the help of our exceptional web designers. It was a fully responsive design (usable on any device) that hosted key information and services the firm offered. It also showcased their achievement and awesome reviews seamlessly.

Furthermore, the website was also used to display key business contact details and other important information regarding the business. Finally, it served as an avenue for clients to conveniently book appointments by themselves. This in turn reduced the stress of attending to a series of phone calls all day as the website served as a medium for clients to get all details needed and as well make all necessary bookings.

The next thing we did for MELCO was to embark on an advanced search engine optimization (SEO) tactic to help dominate the search engines. In turn, this helped the business establish authority in local listings on Google search and maps. In the short and long run, this allowed MELCO to surpass the competition on local Google search results in its niche.

Redesign of website we did for their PPC marketing campaign. *(Click image to visit site)

Process cont.

Following that, we took over the Social Media Marketing Campaign (SMM) for MELCO to help grow the brand organically and manage the image of the company better. With the proper and standard strategy developed by our team of experts, we were able to help MELCO grow their business by creating well-branded posts and videos on the largest and most popular social media marketing platforms. We also helped capture professional pictures and videos of the staff and property. Aside from popularizing the business, our social media marketing service helped keep customers and prospective clients engaged and informed about the latest developments in the company. 

Most importantly, we launched a Pay-Per-Click Campaign (PPC) that was second to none based on the skills, expertise, and an exclusive set of premium advertising tools at our disposal. This campaign gave room for amazing lead generation, which enabled us to help Melissa and Co Business Consulting target the dream prospective clients, especially during the tax season of 2022. with minimal ad spend, the Campaign kick-started fully and started yielding amazing results within the first few weeks, converting prospective clients into buying customers and eventually into brand loyalists.

Finally, We helped with other IT-related services that our client was struggling to handle due to lack of time. Firstly, we came up with a revolutionary waiting list solution that helped manage customers better, prevents overcrowding, and enforces social distancing (capacity management) easily in this pandemic. Also, we helped with mounting TVs to help serve MELCO’S customers better, as well as installed and fixed modern cameras.

Above are results from the last 2 weeks before case study was published. *(Bookings is in purple)

The Result

After Jordan Digitals, took over the Online Marketing Campaign for Melissa and Co Business Consulting, an Accounting firm based in New York. Barely 4 months after we helped design and redesigned their website, and embarked on a beautifully orchestrated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies put together by our team, we were able to increase MELCO’s click-through rate on Google from 1.3% to 3.01%, leading to a significant page view increase and conversion rate.

This simply means that these strategies made more people become their customers basically from organic searches made by people on Google.

Also, the lead generation campaign from their unique Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Strategy led to a substantial increase in their appointment booking rate by 17.5%, resulting in an extra 26% upturn in advertising revenue. 

Jordan Digitals were also able to help successfully get rid of their long waiting lines with our cutting-edge waitlist and bookings solution, thereby delivering an amazing waiting experience for their customers and leaving them incredibly satisfied.

At the end of just 4 months, with the amazing cutting-edge digital marketing  strategy we implemented, Jordan Digitals was able to basically 3x the existing customer base MELCO had before the campaign was launched.


In the process of identifying MELCO’S needs and challenges, Jordan Digitals brought to the table various tactical solutions to solve their business challenges with a minimal budget to start with. We are a team of experienced, professional, skilled and accomplished marketing experts based in New York, the US and around the world. Now here from the CEO of Melissa and Co Business Consulting – Melissa Harnanan give her remarks regarding her experience with Jordan Digitals.


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