How Jordan Digitals helped 5x Lydore's monthly sales in 90 days

The Background

Lydore is a small business that sells products that range from men’s watches to general home appliances on their ecommerce store and other 3rd party online marketplace. However, having spent so much money on ads and hiring a bunch of freelancers, they were still struggling to get sales while their competitors were doing amazing numbers. They needed an advanced digital marketing strategy second to none that would take their business to the next level. Many people are unaware of the importance of having a proper digital marketing structure for their business and its consequences. This is why it’s important to have an effective, up-to-date, visually appealing website and other key digital marketing services that makes your brand more visible across all channels. Lydore Fashion needed help with this because they had no knowledge in growing their revenue to the best it could be, so Jordan Digital was able to step in and redesign their old site as well as offer them other valuable services like SEO, SMM, Lead gen etc. which helped them generate more sales.

The Process

How Lead generation & PPC ad management Services by Jordan Digitals helped Lydore to Reach their targeted customers: 

Businesses are always looking for ways to grow. To do this, they need new customers who will buy their products or services. Lead generation is an integral part of the sales and marketing process that attracts prospects, converts them into customers with intent to capture more leads. Lead generation is a service that helps businesses find these potential buyers of what they have on offer and also provides them with the brand awareness necessary in order to be successful commercially. Jordan Digital’s lead generating service helped Lydore reach quality leads because it increased their visibility as well as get more visitors on their ETSY and website page (when it was completed).

How Our Social Media Marketing increased Lydore’s Reach to Customers:

It is very important to introduce a business by using digital means as the pattern of doing business. knowing that billions of people spend quite a handful of their time every day on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and many other networks, we used social media marketing smartly by leveraging their power to organically find, connect and acquire the ideal audience to build their brand, drive quality traffic to their website and increase their sales. It helped them reach millions of customers worldwide easily, which helped contribute to their overall success.

How our Chatbot Service Helped Lydore save money and Improve sales: 

One line of code added to upon its redesign completion completely changed the game. This unique and advanced chatbot service alone helped increase their conversion rate in the first 2 months by 60%. A Few Advantages of chatbots are as follows.

  • It saved a huge amount of money on customer support,
  • Through automated chat, the chatbot improved the conversion rate of the website,
  • It generated a lot more leads than a contact or registration form.
  • It can develop email lists more quickly than an optin form.
  • It can greatly boost your revenue by increasing interaction.
  • It’s also suitable for customer surveys to know how your visitors and customers feel.

Long term solution

How our website Maintenance and SEO service set Lydore up for long term success: was a mess when we took over, our website’s experts quickly realised that the website wasn’t aesthetically pleasing to people, no clear sales funnel was set up, the hierarchy of text was confusing, and the security was compromised due to lack of maintenance among other things. Also, we let them know that a proper website maintenance plan can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful company. Lydore learned this firsthand when they enlisted our services to update their site with new content, setup and manage an advanced and highly converting sales funnel, perform backups of all security measures on file, and make sure there were no broken links by implementing an intuitive design that would appeal to visitors who are looking for something different than what’s already out in the marketplace.

SEO optimization of a website is a crucial step to grow the business efficiently and make it more visible to the world. As the final step, we added Search Engine Optimization to help them grow their audience and sales organically over the long term period. While Lydore didn’t invest too much in this because it takes more time to start seeing results, we still managed to set them up for long term success with our lite SEO plan. We always advise our clients to take SEO more seriously because It is a guaranteed online marketing strategy that provides help in increasing the flow of organic traffic on the business website. Gradually, SEO has been helping them build their brand authority. Their business has become more visible to the world because we ranked their website in the search engine by optimizing it. It increases the quality and quantity of human traffic on their website through organic search engine results. More visibility helped their brand to get more customers and generate more sales.

The Result

The team at Jordan Digital helped Lydore see major gains in their sales over a short period. We started by optimizing their existing 3rd party listing on Etsy, while we worked on redesigning and optimizing their website which helped them generate more sales just from that alone. After this success we provided a number of marketing services to help the company grow even larger like the social media marketing, PPC ad management and lead generation plan to get their name out there. We then completed the website redesign by implementing our unique SEO ranking technique so that they can be found in Google easier than before. Finally, we added our advanced chatbot service that helped collect tons of leads and interact with website visitors and potential clients, turning them into customers more easily. In just 90 days combining these techniques and services together, this small company saw an incredible increase from $2K monthly revenue to over $10K!


In conclusion, In identifying Lydore’s challenges, Jordan digitals brings to fore tactical solutions to solve your business challenges. We are a team of experienced, professional, skilled and accomplished marketing experts based in New York, US and around the world. With a passion for how technology has given new waves, looks and voices to individual businesses and corporate companies, we are positioned at the center stage to maximize these tools to enrich your business experiences. Therefore, enabling you to enjoy seamless customer interactions, increased sales and traffic, improved social media marketing at a very reasonable and affordable cost. Our curiosity and attention to detail as a team, has fueled the continuous individual learning process of each member of Jordan digitals, as this will help us improve what we do and how we do it for better profiting for our clients.

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