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From: $15,000.00 / month and a $5,000.00 sign-up fee


Welcome to Jordan Digitals VVip offer where you get all for less.

Ever wondered what your business truly needs to outperform your competitors or become very successful? Business is just like a football game or an orchestra which requires different parts to come together in order for it to work properly and to also function to its best. The truth is that you need more than 1 service or resource, to at least get started and quite a few more to reach where you would consider a breakthrough depending on how big you aim ongoing. Imagine starting a business, and thinking that a website is the only thing you need to run the business as far as the online world is concerned. That’s already setting yourself or your business up to fail. Continue reading here

Here’s a list of what you’ll get in this package, alongside their estimated high-end value.

 Full Website Service with redesign & maintenance ($10,000/M)
 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service ($2,000/M)
 Video Marketing Service ($4,000/M)
 Lead generation service ($3,000/M)
 Mobile App Development Service ($2,000/M)
 Virtual 360° Tour Service ($4,000/M)
 Social media Marketing ($3,000/M)
 Copywriting & Sales script services ($2,000/M)
 Animation Explainer Videos Service ($3,000/M)
 Presentation Service ($1,500/M)
 Web Accessibility Service ($55/M)
 Messenger Marketing and Chatbot service ($1,000/M)
 Email Marketing Service ($2,000/M)
 Design Customization ($500/M)
 All Future Additions and Updates Included!
 Other Digitals Marketing Needs for your business outside Jordan Digitals Services ($7,500/M)


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I don’t need all the services here, why should I still pay this money?

Yes, like we said earlier, most of our clients end up using only 50 – 80% of our services which is still great value to them. We know that you don’t need everything here, that’s why we’ve been able to list all our services without us losing big time. However, for a successful business operation, you need at least 30% of these services monthly which roughly accounts for about $10000/month. And besides, we recommend what services your business needs even when you haven’t thought about it or when you don’t even realize you need it. You have absolutely nothing to worry about once you commit this part of your business to Jordan Digitals. We are 100% committed to making sure that you and your business succeed big time. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation because you get all for less, and we get the pleasure of serving you

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