Social Media Marketing Benefits That will Help Your Business

The daily increase in technological projections and high internet usage is constantly evolving. I bet you every 8 out of 10 conversations in this modern age revolve or end in Social Media. So here’s the deal I get a phone call from a friend and few minutes into the conversation she’s like let’s chat/talk on WhatsApp. Sincerely you literarily can’t do much these days without this virtual space. Over the years it has become a useful channel for steady and constant communication as against the traditional means of reaching out.

Interestingly some of these social media platforms were invented for different purposes; take YouTube, for example, it was originally invented to upload and share video content. However, over the years the use of YouTube has taken a much larger spec as it has grown to become a host for several professionals, businesses and companies who desire larger conversions and reach.

However, not all businesses are aware of the full potential of these platforms. These social is categorically used for social media marketing. It is a new form of media marketing that entails so many creative features using diverse medium to deliver the intended or required messages. Also, it is a fact that more than 50% of small businesses are not making use of social media to promote their business. This is a major concern, because going by the trends in the digital space your business cannot afford not to be captured.

More so, there is large gap between those who are currently seeing the benefits of social media and those still struggling to accept that it has come to stay and much more know-how to get started.

Now, if you happen to fall under the latter category, then I urge you to follow and read closely. You would learn how social media can help build and grow your business. The following are some of the major benefits your business can enjoy from using social media.

Benefit #1 Gain Brand Recognition: the social media space is like several threads connected all at once. Take a look at Facebook for example, from having a Facebook account via you can instantly link it to your Instagram and WhatsApp account giving your audience on each platform access to another. This way you not only expand your reach, you get a larger visibility ratings. Therefore, your business can be a major benefactor to this interconnectedness lending you more exposure to prospects and generate more revenues.

Benefit #2 Constantly Keep Conversations around your Brand: some of the amazing features that promote shopping culture is the shared interests of people about a particular thing. On the social media space, there is no oneness in interests. The point is you can easily win over a large number of loyal clients using these platforms.

Benefit #3 Keep You Connected Always: some of the major challenges faced by growing businesses is how to maintain a good customer relationship. However, with the new social space, you can interact more often and easily manage communications with your clients all at once. The sassy features make conversation more fun and lively; creating a much cordial relationship between you and your clients. We may be observing social distancing physically but with social media, you can do social distancing yet be relatively close and involved with your customers.

Benefit #4 You can Create and Tell Your Brand Story: a good story works like magic. It has always proved to be one of the best ways to sell your products and services. This medium gives you different options (texts, audio, and visuals) to tell your brand story as you want. The way I see it, it’s a two-way street. While you tell your story, you also get to learn about the story of your amazing clients and customers. This can serve as a way to know how best to meet their needs and bring in more sales and revenues for your business.

Benefit #5 Effective for Customer Service: quite recently social media has shown to be one of the largest sales and purchase point for many businesses. Particularly for local entrepreneurs, it has proven to be an easy medium for business transactions. This is because; it has features for display where all items and payment are verified for equal satisfaction.

Benefit #6 Enhance Easy and Direct Referrals: sometimes it gets very difficult identifying a brand especially when there’s more than one service/product provider in a locality. However, a recommendation and referral comes very easy and smooth when your business is listed on social media with an active and functional page/handle.

Benefit #7 Comes Cheap for Promotions: quality control is known to be an important part of any business. It is essential to upgrade services and products as the need arises and company grow. Hence to get in touch with your market audience you can utilize these promotions to create awareness campaigns. With targeted ads, your promotions through these channels can bring in more value and sales for your business. This has helped many small businesses to drive conversions and in turn, gained credibility.

Benefit #8 Maximize Social Proofs: if not anything for the sake of social proofs your business needs social media accounts. You want to know why? An average person who wants to get; for instance, a new phone, car, laptop or any other item first go check it out online. So here is the deal, if your business is among those listed online you stand a chance of being patronized. So you see it’s not about entertainment or fun only it can yield more if it’s being put to use.

Benefit #9 It is Cheap and Affordable: As a business owner, you don’t need to be worried about an outrageous amount when it comes to marketing on this platform. It is budget-friendly and offers a large coverage and wider reach. Plus it’s quite easy to keep things in check and on the move with zero worries of losing certain information.

Benefit #10 Relatively Business Friendly: many business ideas have been aborted because of lack of funds or capital to commence the business. However, the social media space gives room for you to operate more than one type of business with ease. It is a barn of different marketing features to give your business either as a startup or an already existing business the needed drive to increase your income all at your convenience.

Wrap Up

After all has been said and done, the ball is in your court and you know better where it itches. Take the cue and engage social media marketing in your businesses to join the league of digital businessmen and women for the growth you so earnestly desire in your business. This may still be overwhelming if you’re still not sure how to go about it. Please feel free to sense us a message and we would be more than glad to help out.

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Jordan Digitals Staff

Jordan Digitals Staff

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